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Coaching is for :

  • Colonic practitioners looking to go back to colonic hydrotherapy practice after some time away from practice
  • Colonic practitioners looking to improve their knowledge in nutrition and detoxification
  • Practitioners looking to improve credibility by join a professional organisation but missing essential prerequisites
  • Colonic practitioners looking to update and develop their professional skills
  • Students in need of practice, case study or/and exam support

Coaching is the ultimate in professional development. It is for the dedicated practitioner who is looking to sustain his/her confidence and passion. It can be done in small groups and is always adapted to the need of the practitioner. This makes coaching a highly efficient learning experience where the therapist is only given relevant information and technique.

The topics covered as part of a coaching session vary depending on the practitioner’s needs.

They may include :
•    Points of technique for better releasing
•    Client’s comfort
•    Abdominal massage
•    Recommendations to clients
•    Plumbing
•    Health and safety consideration
•    Contra-indication
•    Coffee enema
•    Probiotic post-colonic implants
•    Handling difficult clients
•    Getting repeat clients
•    Marketing and generating new clients
•    Nutrition for digestive health
•    Case study

Before coaching requirements can be agreed and organised, there is a free 30 minutes phone consultation to assess the practitioner’s needs, level of training and expectations.

A coaching session lasts from 2 hours to a day. Maximum number of participants is 4.  

Cost per 2 hours session (only available for one person) £180
Cost per half a day (4.5 hours) £280 per person
Cost per full day (7 hours) £ 390 per person

Groups of two will benefit from 20% discount and groups of three or more 25%

A CPD certificate will be given on completion of each session and can be used as evidence of continuous professional development (CPD) where appropriate.